Numbers of Syrians in Turkey June 2020

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Numbers of registered Syrians which is under temporary protection in Turkey has been announced on 11 June 2020 as 3.585.198 by showing an increase as 5.866 people according to last month. 1.681.471 of those people(%46,9) are children between 0-18 age. Total number of 0-18 aged children and women is 2.532.944(%70,6) 

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Percentage of Women and Children is %70,6
According to the age table which is published by immigration authority;  Syrian men are the %53,8 of Syrian population. Percentage of Syrian women is %46,2. Number of Syrians under 10 is 1 million 41 thousand 562(%29). According to table, number Syrian men are 276 thousand 764 more than number of Syrian women. The biggest difference between men-women number is on 19-24 age with 72 thousand 872 people. This difference is getting smaller by age grows. It can be seen over +55 age that number of women is more than number of men.

Rate of Young Syrian Population
There are 750.757 people on 15-24 age range defined as young population. The rate of young Syrians on total Syrian population is %20,9. According to TÜİK’s data which is published on 31.12.2019; young population of Turkey is 12.955.672 people. Rate of this number on total population is %15,5. 

 Age Average of Syrians
According to age table, age average of Syrians is 22,6. Age average of Turkey population is 32,4 according to 31.12.2019 datas.

Number of Syrians Who Lives in Camps(Temporary Accomodition Centers) 
It is published that the number of Syrians who live in temporary accomodition centers are 63 thousand 2 people according to 11.06.2020 datas. This number was 63.346 people on last month(May 2020), and it was 143.558 people at the beginning of 2019, it was 228.251 people at the beginning of 2018. Only %1,75 of Syrians are living in camps.

Number of Syrians Who Lives in Cities
As June 11, 2020; it is published that the number of Syrians who live in the cities is 3.552.196 people. According to last month, that number is increased as 6.210 people. %98,25 of Syrians are living in the cities. In which city Syrians are going to live is decided by Immigration Authority. Some of big cities such as İstanbul are closed to Syrians. 

Syrian Numbers According To Cities
It is on the table below that 30 cities which have biggest Syrian population and their density according to data of Immigration Authority based by June 11, 2020. The city which has biggest Syrian population is İstanbul with 499.061 people; the city which has least Syrian population is Bayburt with 24 people. Bayburt is being followed by Artvin with 37 people and Tunceli with 42 people.


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Cities Which Has The Most Density Population of Syrians
Kilis is the city which has most density population of Syrians rate by local population. The Syrian number registered in Kilis decreased 202 people according to last month. It is increased 2.264 people in İstanbul, city has the biggest Syrian population, compared to last month.

Cities Which Have The Least Syrian Population
Artvin is the city has the least density Syrians population rate by local population with %0,02. There are 37 Syrians in Artvin instead of 170.875 Turkish citizens. The least Syrian population is in Bayburt with 24 people. There aren’t any cities which don’t have Syrians.

Rate of Syrians against Turk Population

The rate of Syrians which are under temporary protection against Turkish population is %4,3. The last population of Turkey is announced as 83.154.997 by TÜİK.(31.12.2019)

*The datas below aren’t announcing regularly by offical authorities like Number of Registered Syrians we published. It is being updated by us as long as it is announced by official authorities and relevant  ministeries.


Number of Left From Border

Ministery of Interior Süleyman Soylu announced that the number of refugees who left Turkey from Edirne is 130.469 as 3 March 2020, 09:15.

Number of Syrians Who Have Turkish Citizenship

Number of Syrians who got Turkish citizenship is 110.000 according to explanation by Ministery of Interior. 53.000 of those are adults and 57.000 of them are children.(As 30.11.2019)

Number of Syrians Born In Turkey
Ministery of Interior Süleyman Soylu defined the number of Syrian babies born in Turkey as around 450.000, on the speech he made on 19.09.2019.

Number of Syrians Went Back to Syria
According to explanation that made by Ministery of Interior, number of Syrians who went back to their countries is 402.011 people. 

Number of Syrians Who Got Work Permit

Number of Syrians who got work permit in Turkey is 31.185 according to the explanation which made by AÇSHB(Ministery of Family, Labor and Social Services) on 31.03.2019.

Number of Companies Which Have At Least One Partner

According to the explanation of Ministery of Trade, as 26.02.2019, number of companies which have at least one Syrian partner is 15.159.

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