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istanbulMinistry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management announced the number of refugees who are registered in Turkey as of 22 March 2018 with biometrics data. According to the statement done, the number of registered Syrians increased by 21.059 when compared with previous month and reached up to 3.561.707. This population is composed of 1.931.717 men and 1.629.990 women.

TOTAL 1.931.717 1.629.990 3.561.707
0-4 248.588 232.067 480.655
5-9 247.509 232.043 479.552
10-18 356.499 311.012 667.511
19-24 318.156 226.620 544.776
25-34 367.764 270.014 637.778
35-44 196.827 164.196 361.023
45-59 139.987 133.690 273.677
60-90+ 56.387 60.348 116.735

60-90+ is The Only Age Range Where Syrian Women are More Populated Than Syrian Men

According to the age range table 60-90+ is the only age range where Syrian Women are more populated than Syrian men. The datas announced in last month indicate that the population increased in all age ranges. The number of children aged between 0-4 which was 470.810 in February increased by 9.845 and reached up to 480.655

The Number of Syrians Living in Camps 
The Migration Management also declared the number of Syrians living in removal centres. As of 22 March 2018, 227.075 people are living in camps while 3.334.632 are living outside camps. The number of Syrians living in camps decreased by 1.122 when compared with previous month. The number of Syrians living in cities increased by 22.181 when compared with previous month.

The Number of Syrians Per Cities
According to the datas of Migration Management declared as of 22 March 2018, the top 10 cities where the Syrians are living, and the concentration of Syrians in those cities are indicated in the table below. The city that host the most Syrians is Istanbul with 553.453 people. The city that host the least Syrians is Bayburt with 47 people. After Bayburt comes Artvin with 61 people and Bartın with 78 people. The biggest ratio of number of Syrians over the local population is Kilis with 95,45% . The number of refugees registered in Kilis decreased by 256 when compared with previous month. The number of Syrians in Kilis is 6.200 less than Turkish citizens. The least concentrated Syrian population lives in Antalya with 0,03%. In Antalya 713 Syrians are registered.

İstanbul 553.453 %3,68
Şanlıurfa* 477.202 %24,03
Hatay* 447.541 %28,41
Gaziantep* 375.633 %18,73
Mersin 205.240 %11,44
Adana* 191.564 %8,64
Bursa 142.791 %4,86
İzmir 135.548 %3,17
Kilis* 130.119 %95,45
Konya 104.360 %4,79

* Camps exist in the cities are marked

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