I lost my wife, mother, father, and my leg… All of them.

“Our house collapsed in the earthquake. I waited to be saved from under the rubble for 3 days. I was rescued, but I lost my pregnant wife, my mother, and my father. It took me a long time to realize that I had lost my leg due to the crushing pain of losing my most beloved people.”

Muhammed Omari is a 22-year-old Syrian young man. He was critically affected by the earthquake on February 6th, along with the death of his wife, baby to be born, and his parents in their home in Hatay. He was not rescued from the rubble of their collapsed home until three days later. When he was pulled out, he learned that his pregnant wife, mother, and father were killed in the tragic disaster.

Muhammed is now trying to hold on to life with the physical therapy and psychological support services he is receiving from the Refugee Association. He continues his treatment to make a fresh start with his new prosthetic device. Officials directed Muhammed to Adana City Hospital by ambulance to save his leg which was on the verge of breaking under the rubble. This is where his initial medical interventions took place. Later, he was referred to Istanbul Okmeydanı Hospital and underwent several surgeries.

Muhammed suffered nerve damage in his right hand, resulting in loss of sensation and a weakened grip. Additionally, he underwent a below-the-knee amputation on his right leg. He reached out to us while still in the hospital. Muhammed applied to our association through a relative living in Istanbul. Our rehabilitation team visited Omari in the Okmeydanı hospital on 22 March 2023 to identify his needs. RASAS rehabilitation team immediately started the physical therapy process for Muhammed, who spent 2 months in the hospital.

We provided crutches and a wheelchair to facilitate his movement. After being discharged, he began coming to our center in Sultanbeyli for continued sessions. We started providing both physical therapy and psychological support, our teams closely monitored his progress and initiated the process of providing a prosthetic device when he was deemed ready. The officials took his measurements and delivered the prosthetic device that he could use for movement without crutches and a wheelchair.

Despite our inability to bring back Muhammed’s cherished ones or erase the haunting memories of the things he had to witness, our entire team dedicated themselves to fostering Muhammed’s well-being, so that he could have a chance to start a new and hopeful chapter of his life. Muhammed made a remarkable recovery, expressing his readiness to rebuild his life. He has returned to work and is prepared to embark on a new chapter in his life and continue his life where he left off. Muhammed expresses his gratitude to everyone who supported him during this process.

His story shows how financial donations, even a small one can profoundly change the course of someone’s life in need.