Field Studies and Visits of Refugees Association

The main purpose of our visits as Field Team of Mülteciler Association is to identify and understand the sensitivity situations of the families under the temporary and international protection in Sultanbeyli, if any and to offer solution in order to solve and reduce any problem.

SUKOM (Syrian Registration Center)
The families living in Sultanbeyli and nearby districts are generally acquainted with the Refugees Association and the service/support units which give help. The contact information of the families are in SUKOM’s database and this paves the way for the field visits. For instance, school age children who have never started school can be easily identified from SUKOM database, and the families are informed about the school starting.

About Five Hundred Families Were Visited
During the field visits, the families visited by our team can sometimes direct our team to their neighbours or relatives. As a result of the interviews carried out by our team, we are able to contact with the families who have not yet registered on SUKOM database and to direct them to our Association to complete their registration on the database. Our team have visited 469 home between November 2017 and July 2018. 2548 people were contacted and 1339 women and 1409 men were interviewed, 1500 of them were children.

The Most Frequently Encountered Sensitivity Situations
Sensitivity situations changes depending on the family, but we can categorize the most frequently encountered sensitivity situations as follows:

  • Children under 18 who do not go school
  • Child labour
  • Children at an early age who have or might have an affair
  • Disabled persons
  • Unaccompanied seniors
  • Families having financial hardship

Children Under 18 Who Don’t Attend School
Girls less than 18 years of age who are forced to work to provide financial support to the family or who are at risk of getting married due to similar socio-economic reasons fall into category of disadvantaged groups. In such cases, the families are informed about the Social Economic Support service of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies as well as Children and Youth Center of Mülteciler Association to faciliate children’s adaptation to school.

Girls Not Able To Go School Due To Cultural Habits
Families choose not to send their daughters to school both because of their financial concerns and socio-cultural habits. Families prevent their daugters from going school usually when their daughters reach the age of 12 or 13 by reason of the fact that the external environment is regarded dangerous by the families or that it is no need to study more. In such a case, girls may be forced to get married at a very early age. Girls at a very early age who are married or may get married are directed to our experts in the protection unit within the Association and information is given to the families and girls in order to explain the legal process.

Children Who Are Not Vaccinated
Another important difficulty the families may encounter due to lack of knowledge regarding the application process or language barrier is the vaccination. Children who have not been vaccinated are identified and directed to the related units of Turkish Red Crescent and Health centers in their district. Turkish Red Crescent Community Centers can visit the families who have transportation difficulties and give service to them at their home. Thus, with the free vaccination services, the problems that a child may experience are prevented.