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False Facts About Syrians Living in Turkey
Syrians do not wait line at hospitals
The order of priority at hospitals ambulatory care services is determined by a circular issued by the Ministry of Health. Syrians do not have a legal priority at hospitals. Patients over 65 years of age and in need of immediate treatment including disabled patients and pregnant women take legal priority.

Syrians do not pay water, electricity and natural gas bills
It is claimed that Syrians do not pay any bills by spreading one of the Syrian’s bill which is free of charge invoice. The expression of “Due to the low monthly use charge the bill has not been invoiced” is consciously hidden. Syrians are liable at paying bills as every subscriber.

Turkish state grants Syrians a monthly stipend of 1200 Turkish Liras
It is true that the Syrian university students receive a monthly stipend of 1200 Turkish Liras. However, the claim that this amount is completely provided by the state is not true. 85% of the stipend is granted by the European Union and the rest is covered by the national sources.

Syrians will become Turkish citizens after 5 years
Syrians living in Turkey are under the “Temporary Protection”. According to the law numbered 5901 of Turkish citizenship, those under the “Temporary Protection” cannot become Turkish citizen by living in Turkey in a certain period of time. Those under temporary protection do not have the right to become Turkish citizen through marriage.

Turkish state pays the phone bills of Syrians
The phone cards distributed by the Immigration Authority for pay phones are for foreigners at the Removal Centers to be deported, not for Syrians. Turkey is not the financier of this project. The European Union member countries fund this project.

Syrians receive salary from the state
The TURKISH RED CRESCENT CARD (also known as Kızılaykart) that is given to the Syrians living in Turkey is included the logo of the European Union. The projects covering the logo of the European Union are funded by the member states of the European Union. Syrians do not receive a salary from the Turkish state.

Syrians enter university without examination
There is not any special arrangement for Syrian students regarding entering university. Syrians take advantage of same rights with American students having education in Turkey. Foreign students cannot enter university without fulfilling the necessary conditions of “Turkey Scholarship”, foreign students examination (YÖS) or lateral transfer.
Syrians do not pay taxes for vehicles. Tax-free vehicles are specified in Motor Vehicles Taxes law. It is not true that Syrians do not pay taxes for their vehicles, take out insurance or not have their vehicle inspected.

Syrians will vote in election
The first condition to be able to vote in elections held in our country or in referendum is to be a Turkish citizen. A non-Turkish citizen has no right to vote in elections.

TOKİ (Housing Development Administration) will be given free of charge to Syrians
The first condition of becoming a homeowner within TOKİ is to be a Turkish citizen. Since Syrians are not Turkish citizens, they cannot buy a house from TOKI. TOKİ does not sell houses even the foreigners.

Syrians will be employed as public officers
As stated in the State Personel Law No. 657, the first condition of being a public officer is to be a Turkish citizen. Those who are not Turkish citizens do not have the right to be a civil servant.

False Facts About Syrians Living in Turkey