Eylin Starts Walking With Orthotic Support

Eylin’s family, who has congenital hydrocephalus, applied to the Physical Therapy Center in our association for treatment. Eylin started strengthening exercises with two weekly sessions; She practiced the crawling, sitting and turning movements. With her regular participation in the sessions, she started to get better, albeit slowly. she was fitted with an orthosis to reduce her spasticity and to start standing exercises.

Eylin’s mother summarizes the process as follows;

“A few hours after she was born, she started having seizures. she was treated with medicine until the seventh month and her seizures stopped. Currently, she does not use any medication, she only receives physical therapy. Thanks to the Association of Refugees. Normally, it would be difficult for me to reach the hospital and the doctors. We were having trouble getting an appointment, thanks to the association, my daughter was able to get this treatment. With the support of the Association of Refugees, my daughter was given a device to help her to walk. she had not been able to stand up until now. Since she starts using the device, I see her getting better. We continue to come to the sessions with excitement. I look forward to the days when my daughter will be able to run and have fun like other children.”