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Diaper DonationDiaper Donation Page
According to the last statement issued by the immigration administration, an average of 100 refugee babies come to the world every day in our country. Refugee babies need a clean environment, enough food and tenderness. With your help, the Refugees Association is offering to refugee families who have young babies a support with baby diapers. In this way, we support a healthy growth for babies.

Make a donation for Baby Diapers
You can make a donation for baby diapers using your credit card by clicking on the buttons below. The amount of your donation will help supplying to baby diaper’s needs, which our association will deliver to families who need it.

1 Paket Bebek Bezi Bağışı  2 Paket Bebek Bezi Bağışı  5 Paket Bebek Bezi Bağışı  10 Paket Bebek Bezi Bağışı

Hedeflenen: 1000 Paket | Karşılanan: 170 Paket


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