Refugees Association
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Children's PlaygroundChildren’s Playground
Childrens’s Playground is authorized in July 2017 to be able to consign a safe place on the purpose of children of the personnels of the Refugees Association, people having appointments in hospital, people who get Turkish, computer, stitch, construction, cooking trainings..etc. or whose parents comes for any kind of reason to the Refugees Communty Centre. Parents who benefit from the activities of the Community Centre can leave mind at peace their children to this child friendly area.

As Children 2-10 Years Old
Children’s Playground appeals to whole children who are between 2-10 years old. In the Children’s Playground with four rooms, there are two different classrooms for educational activities, is a playroom for children to play to repletion with toys and a babys room for the baby guests. In the Children’s Playground where has its own a sheltered garden, there are many funny instruments.

Educational and Instructive Activities
Children who come to the Children’s Playground can join to the activities organizing at certain times of day such as handwork activity, group games, painting activities, music-cinema times and self care abilities. Furthermore, there is a feeding time to get children adopt a healthy nutrition. Healthy foods such as milk, cheese, fruit, nuts are being served to children at the feeding times.