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Child and Youth Education Center
Child and Youth Education Centre (COGEM) is a centre that operates both for the Turkish and refugee children and youth in Sultanbeyli. Child and Youth Education Centre conducts educational, artistic, cultural and sport activities for Syrian children between the age of 6 and 15, by maintaining their own cultures, on the purpose of improving their adaptation towards the neighbourhood where they live, and increasing their academic achievements. The centre also aims to follow the educational and social adoptation processes through providing school and family meetings of the children with the counseling unit and aims to decrease risk o being away from school.

A Safe Area for Children and Youth
Safe areas were created in the Sultanbeyli Children and Youth Education Centre for children and youth with the intent of spending productive time and participating to social and cultural activities. One of the other goals of COGEM is ensuring the regulation of platforms where children can socialize with each other by planning various activities

In COGEM; Syrian and Turkish students are easily able to use,

  • Child and Youth Friendly areas
  • Multi-purpose Art Studios (Ceramics, Plastic Arts, Mosaic, Ebru)
  • Drama Studios, ( Drama, Dance, Plates and Yoga )
  • Classrooms-Language workshops, (Science, Turkish, Arabic and Mathematics)
  • Sports Studios, (Table tennis, table football, chess, board games and intelligant games)
  • Library
  • Conference Room ( for 150 people)
  • Movie rooms
  • Dining Hall
  • Cafeteria

these facilities.