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Breath and Harmony Workshops started

The social cohesion department of RASAS continues the social cohesion talks which aim to strengthen the communication and network among Syrians and local community, with a new issue.

Breath and Harmony Workshop met with the first participants at June 19, 2019. We know that the cohesion begins with our own individual being, so we need to enforce body and mind harmony at first while talking about the cohesion among individuals as a target. After talking about breath and meditation shortly, breathing and body exercises were done outside with serenity as well as relaxation music. Thus, welfare of body and mind was enhanced. Participants gave feedback as saying their stress level was decreasing while making this activity; subsequently, we passed to our thematic conversation as discussing the word of ‘peace’. The common arguments about it were ‘togetherness, cohesion, loyalty’. Then how to maintain the peacefulness was debated and participants again focused on the words like honesty, respect, smiling face etc.

The workshop is going to continue with the new participants as monthly. Those who wish for the activity would visit the social cohesion department at RASAS or would call for it with the communication number of RASAS.

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