Refugees Association
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Syrian familyThe Mülteciler Association is operating in many fields for the Syrians who have left their countries because of war and took refuge in Turkey. Priority activities include shelter, health, education and employment.

Counseling services are provided within the Mülteciler Community Center. The refugees are assisted in finding a residence where they can settle and in establishing healthy communication with the resident. In addition, when there is a possible problem between the parties, the mediating duty is undertaken.

Temporary Shelter
In our district, there is a guest house where refugees can temporarily stay. It is a place for both single men and families to temporarily stay. During the period of the stay, the housing team examines the possiblities for a permanetn housing.

In our province, refugee women living in socio-economically disadvantaged and living alone are settled in guesthouses where they can temporarily stay. In these houses, the victimized women are taken under protection and the possibility of continuous stay with their children is offered.

Refugees Health Centre
The Mülteciler Health Center, which provides health services for refugees by Syrian doctors, is located on the first floor of the Mülteciler Community Center. The Helat Centre is open on 6 days a week with 10 different clinics including Eye, Dental, Ear-Nose-Throat, Internal Medicine, Child Diseases, Gynecological Diseases, Orthopedics, Psycho-social Therapy, Injection and Observation. In addition to these services, the Mülteciler Health Center also has a pharmacy and a laboratory. The health center has the capacity to serve 500 patients a day.


  • Pediatry
  • Internal medicine
  • Dental
  • Injection
  • Eye
  • Ear-Nose-Throat
  • Women’s diseases
  • Observation
  • Orthopedics
  • Psycho-social Therapy

Cultural events are organized in certain periods in order to preserve the cultural values ​​of different societies and to prevent foreign guests to feel themselves under cultural pressure. These activities are a very important tool for the development of social cohesion between the two communities.

Employment Desk
Within the scope of this service, labor market needs analysis is carried out in Sultanbeyli and neighboring provinces and referrals are made to workplaces in need of labor in the light of professional information belonging to the refugees in our institutional database.

Vocational training is given to the refugees in areas suitable for the needs of the Turkish labor market.

Socio-Economic Support Desk
Identification of needy people, directing them to sources of aid, and carrying out the follow-up of aid schemes

Together with the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Social Economic Support is being carried out. Social support is provided on condition that parents send their children to the school. Preventing child labor by improving the socio-economic conditions of the families and encouraging children to be educated is of great importance for the Turkish government.

Home Care at Home
Together with the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Home Care Support is being carried out. Within the scope of this service, disabled refugees have the right to benefit at home care support presented to Turkish citizens.

Elderly Care Support
Together with the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, elderly people living among the refugees have the right to benefit from their elderly support at the home presented to the Turkish citizens.

Legal Support Desk
The desk serves within the Mülteciler Community Centre. Syrians are informed about their rights in the framework of Turkish legislation and trainings are given at regular intervals. In particular, counseling services are provided for working life problems, which are the most difficult for refugees.

Education Desk
The desk serves within the Mülteciler Community Center. Through this desk, educational counseling service is provided for all school age children and adults who want to continue their education.

Temporary Training Centers
There are two provisional training centers. Children aged 7-14 years are given basic school education by refugee teachers.

Mülteciler Turkish Education Centre (MÜTEM)
The Mülteciler Community Center continuously provides Turkish education for all age groups. Teachers consist of educators who are experts in teaching Turkish to foreigners.

Translation services are of great importance for the healthy analysis of all needs of refugees and for the resolution of their priority needs. For this reason, all kinds of communication with the refugees are conducted in Arabic-Turkish-English via interpreters.